The 13th National Oil and Gas Strategic Conference & Exhibition

The 13th National Oil and Gas Strategic  Conference & Exhibition held between the 18th and 21st  of February 2013 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja featured the participation of several  key individuals and exhibiting companies in the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector.

The four day conference kicked off with a cultural  evening and a welcome dinner hosted by Chevron, Nigerian National Petroleum  Corporation and Shell.

The next day, Tuesday February 19, marked the first day of the conference as several sessions including topics on “Nigeria’s Oil &  Gas Strategy in the Next Five Years – A New Dawn to Boost Investment &  Production?” and “Gas,  Power & Renewables – What has Been Achieved & Where are we Heading?” were deliberated upon.

Discussions on the third day of the conference centred on “Focus on Independents: How Are Indigenous Companies Transforming the  Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry?” and “Focus on the Petroleum Industry Bill– Is This A New Dawn for Nigeria?” with the latter session being chaired by the Energy  Practice Partner of Odujinrin & Adefulu, Dr. Adeoye Adefulu. Speaking at the event,  Dr. Adefulu expressed his optimism on the Bill being passed into law and stated that the uncertainty surrounding the passage of the Bill did not favour  anyone (industry players, communities and the general public alike) as there has  been wide spread clamour for the Bill to become  operational.

The conference rounded up with a Nigerian Content  Seminar which highlighted the opportunities afforded by the Nigerian Content  Development Act as well as its challenges and  accomplishments.

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