Late live blogging at the Senate public hearing continued


  • Relationship should be a tripartite relationship between FG, Host Community & Oil Companies;
  • 10% equity partnership;
  • Representatives in the board and management committees of oil companies;
  • No multiple trusts with various oil communities;
  • A National trust fund should be administered by Hostcom and traditional rulers;
  • Hostcom to nominate those who will be responsible for managing the funds;
  • Hostcom should serve on the board of the regulatory commission;
  • IOCs must set up refineries in Nigeria;
  • Gas flaring penalties should be paid to Host Communities;
  • Communities should not be penalised for pipeline vandalism;
  • Nigeria must control majority shareholding in the national oil company;
  • Hostcom must be included in every government institution;
  • Host communities must have the first right of refusal in any privatisation.

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