Senate public hearing Day 2 – Minister’s intervention

  • Administration Bill
    • No commission in the world seats without supervision;
    • Like dormant fields concept – but should be set aside for indigenous companies;
    • transparency provisions should be bolstered;
    • strategic stocks should not be handled by the Commission.
  • Host Community Bill
    • should be limited to upstream and downstream;
    • host community fund will attract a lot of attention – must not impose an additive burden on the industry;
    • contracting opportunities should be made available for indigenes of the host community;
    • definitions of host community should be fine-tuned.
  • Fiscal Bill
    • fiscal operating conditions should be right;
    • average returns are currently high;
    • want a dual tax regime;
    • cost curtailment needs to be embedded in the bill;
    • no tax incentives for acquisitions.

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