PIB Education Series – Session 4: Midstream & Downstream Regulation in the PIB

We had an amazing session talking with Ms. Ronke Onadeko, Principal Consultant, DRNL Consult Ltd, UK; Mr. Gbite Adeniji, Partner, Advisory Legal Consultants; Mrs. Ogechi Nkwoji, Head Economic Intelligence Research and Regulation, MOMAN; and Engr. Chichi Emenike, Head, Gas Ventures, Neconde Energy Limited on the Midstream & Downstream Regulation in the PIB.

Key points from the discussion include:

  1. There should be no template or framework for the pricing of petroleum products, if we are truly operating a deregulated market. The prices should be determined by demand & supply in the market, input prices, and potential or required return on investments amongst others.
  2. The PIB should not set the price of gas, as this will prove to be a disincentive for gas business in Nigeria. Gas prices should be determined in a “willing buyer – willing seller relationship”.
  3. The PIB needs to address importation of petroleum products.

Watch a video of the session below.

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