PIAB – Assignment of licences

The issue of consent to the transfer or assignment of licence interests has always posed a challenge in Nigerian oil and gas transactions. The case of Moni Pulo Vs. Brass Exploration Ltd & 7 ors as well as the Department of Petroleum Resources’ Guidelines and Procedures for Obtaining Minister’s Consent to the Assignment of Interest in Oil and Gas Assets have not helped to clarify which transactions require ministerial consent.  Continue reading “PIAB – Assignment of licences”

Senate passes 3 petroleum industry reform bills through second reading

The Nigerian Senate passed the Petroleum Industry Administration Bill, Petroleum Industry Fiscal Bill and the Petroleum Host Community Bill at the second reading today, the 27th of July, 2017. The Bills have been referred to the Committees on Petroleum Upstream, Downstream and Gas to report to the full Senate in four weeks. This is another milestone in the petroleum industry reforms. We expect that the next four weeks will be spent engaging with key stakeholders on the various reform bills. Petroleumindustrybill.com will continue to keep you updated on these developments.